Simple z-index

A while back I came across some nice z-index articles. When using a z-index I mostly give it a high value. But what if we have a couple of z-indexes with high values…

With the following code it’s possible to have a good overview of all the elements which will be using a z-index.

$z-index: (
    modal              : 200,
    share              : 150,
    navigation         : 100,
    footer             : 90,    

@function z-index($key) {
    @return map-get($z-index, $key);

@mixin z-index($key) {
    z-index: z-index($key);

Check out this example where the second div has got the highest z-index:

See the Pen xxEyqLY by Mick (@mickvandijk) on CodePen.