Simple z-index

A while back I came across some nice z-index articles. When using a z-index I mostly give it a high value. But what if we have a couple of z-indexes with high values…

With the following code it’s possible to have a good overview of all the elements which will be using a z-index.

$z-index: (
    modal              : 200,
    share              : 150,
    navigation         : 100,
    footer             : 90,    

@function z-index($key) {
    @return map-get($z-index, $key);

@mixin z-index($key) {
    z-index: z-index($key);
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Smooth scroll behavior

To get some smooth scrolling on your page, just simply add the following code to your stylesheet. With this small piece of code the movement will be smooth instead of a more static behavior.

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;
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